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About KlearTek External SSDs

Harnessing External SSD Technology

Since 2012 KlearTek has provided high-end computing solutions and external solid state drive accessories to individuals and businesses in Southeastern Idaho. We recognize why it is important to take advantage of the latest advancements in external SSD technologies. Attention to detail guarantees the highest quality in every computing solution we sell. Today, we continue that tradition with our portable, external SSD backup storage solutions for the preparedness-minded.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee is a result of our own experiences with big box retailers and large online stores. Like many consumers, our purchasing experience was frustrating and cumbersome, particularly if the quality of an item wasn’t up to our standards, or we received a wrong item and needed a refund or exchange. So we’ve learned that it’s better for us and for you if we guarantee your satisfaction. If our product doesn’t completely satisfy you, we’re happy to exchange or refund it 90 days after the original purchase date; that’s as long as most electronic warranties!

Free Shipping

We proudly offer free shipping and handling on qualified external SSD orders in the United States because we don’t want to burden you with extra expenses. Once your built-to-order product is shipped, it should arrive in about 2 to 5 business days.

If you need an order more quickly, we offer expedited delivery services for a fee. Expedited delivery usually adds $15 to $20 per address in the United States.

Large orders may require an oversized delivery charge. While this doesn’t happen often, we thought we would let you know in advance so it doesn’t come as a surprise.

Easy Returns

While we can’t accept KlearTek branded external SSDs for return that we didn’t sell you, we do want returns to be as easy as possible. If you have your receipt, please include it with items you wish to return or exchange. We can even pickup your stuff if you live in Southeastern Idaho. If you live outside this area we’ll send you a prepaid shipping label and packaging for your convenience.

If you can’t locate your receipt, no worries. We’ll try to locate your purchase record and gladly provide you with a refund or exchange. However, if we can’t locate your purchase record for some reason, we’ll gladly provide you with KlearTek external SSD store credit for the current selling price, or replace the item. If a particular item is no longer available, we’ll contact you and determine if another item we carry works for you.