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Make Repeatable Backups Easy With SyncToy

Several years ago, a friend introduced me to Microsoft SyncToy. Ever since then I have been using it and recommending it to friends and family because you can make repeatable backups easy with SyncToy. It’s a simple and easy to use application that synchronizes files and folders between locations.

Typically, SyncToy is used to create backup copies of files and folders to another location.

SyncToy is also free to download, which is another reason I like to share it with others. It has a super easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). This program helps the user to compartmentalize local and external files and folders. Generally, the user uses the “Left Folder” for their local computer and the “Right Folder” for their external device. Initially you’re greeted with a welcome message and a help for getting started.

SyncToy graphical user interface (GUI) screenshot

SyncToy graphical user interface (GUI) screenshot

However, most users will not need to consult the SyncToy help option. To start, you’ll want to click on “Create New Folder Pair.” It will ask you for the folder pair name, which you can name something memorable, or give the folder pair the same name as the folder you plan to sync. For instance, you might call one folder pair for your Documents folder, Documents. Then it will ask you to select the folder you would like to sync to and where you would like it to sync.

Once you have selected all of your “Left” and “Right” pairs. All you have to do is click “Run” to automatically sync the folders that you have paired. The SyncToy application lets you determine if you would like to sync two-ways, or one-way. If you select two-way sync, any changes made to the files and folders in either location (local or external), including deletion, renaming, and movement, will be recorded and synced when you click “Run”. Alternatively, you can click “Preview” to preview what changes will be made before you run the sync.